How to Create a Household Food Menu

Preparing family meals can sometimes seem like a huge chore. Making dinners to suit an entire household’s tastes can be difficult. One way to confront this challenge to create a household menu. A menu can add a decorative and fun touch to any meal. Children will appreciate the opportunity to feel as if they’re dining at a restaurant. Adults will admire your creativity and imagination.

Step 1

Decide what you plan to serve. A well thought out menu will include a wide variety of items. Each item served should complement the other meal choices. For example, use different colors to create an interesting effect on the eye. Blanch vegetables in boiling water to bring out bright colors. Use sauces to dramatic effect. Each item you plan to bring to the table should add something to the entire meal.

Step 2

Decide how many courses you want to serve. A traditional meal consists of three courses. Diners have an appetizer, main course and dessert. They might also consume side dishes, a salad, a second course and a soup. If you are serving adults, think about appropriate wine pairings with each course. A good wine can bring out a food’s softer flavors and make the meal seem complete.

Step 3

Write out the menu. Choose descriptive language to make the meal seem as enticing as possible. Think about the qualities of the item you plan to serve. Emphasize flavors and textures. For example, if you are serving fried chicken, use words like “crunchy” and “moist.” If serving a soup, focus on the ingredients used, such as chicken stock or pureed fresh vegetables. Each course should be described if possible. Describe the wine as well.

Step 4

Create copies of the menu. If your handwriting is neat, you can write the menu by hand. You can also type up the menu on a computer. Add a decorative touch by gluing the menu to stiffer material such as an oak tag that extends about an inch around the sides of the menu. Decorate the finished product with a bit of glitter, a showy ribbon or an item that calls to mind the theme of the dinner, such as a sprig of holly for a Christmas dinner or pressed flowers for a spring lunch on the porch. Consider laminating the results to preserve the menu and serve as a memento of the meal.

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