Upcoming Missions Trips for the Fall and Winter

We have some very exciting missions trips coming up! See the details below and contact us to get involved.


Join us in November as we serve in Belieze. Early adult and family registration is available online now. Student registration begins soon. Contact us for more info.

With deeply rooted partnerships and newly developed relationships with local pastors and churches, there are incredible ministry opportunities for your mission group when you serve on a Belize mission trip. This small country is the only country in Central America where English is the official language, so it will be easy for you to communicate directly with the local community members.

Costa Rica

We will be joining the Costa Rica mission in November to serve the marginalized residents in the district.

The beauty of Costa Rica will captivate and inspire you as you serve here on your mission trip this year. While partnering with local pastors and churches, your mission trip team will be able to make a difference in the lives of those they serve and experience a life change themselves. We have developed genuine partnerships with leaders in Costa Rica who are praying for groups like yours to come serve alongside them in their communities.


Our next trip to support Haiti is scheduled for February. Please check back for details and registration information as it becomes available.

On your Haiti mission trip, ministry opportunities in this mountainous country are endless as Praying Pelican Missions partners with local pastors and leaders in both rural and urban areas. In the past, mission trips to Haiti have been characterized by hard labor and construction projects because of recent natural disasters. The variety of ministry needs today range from kids clubs to business ethics seminars including service projects as well as medical clinics.

To register today and get details about upcoming trips, please contact Sara Conor or our Missions Department.


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