Family Sunday Picnic

The annual Family Picnic is a memorable occasion where we come together to relax and enjoy an afternoon outdoors together, sharing food, conversation, and playing games. The picnic takes place each May on the last Sunday of the month. Mark your calendars and plan to bring along your friends for an afternoon of fun.

Printable Flyer for Family Sunday Picnic (click for full size image)

click for full size flyer

Share with Friends
Print out a picnic flyer to give to friends or share the graphic through social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

In addition you will have an opportunity to thank Martin Riggs, Director of Youth Ministry, for his service at the picnic.

Food Provided
There will be burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, buns, condiments, and lemonade provided. We invite you to bring your favorite dish to share.

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Last Year’s Picnic

We hope to see you there. Enjoy these photos from last year’s picnic.


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