How Can I Take Truly Awesome Pictures of My Children? Capture memories exactly as you remember.

Candid or posed, the most awesome pictures of your children are the ones that allow their unique little personalities to shine. Photographer Ansel Adams once observed that “you don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Whether it’s a combination of location, props, good spirits or cameras, the most expressive images of loved ones have one thing in common: a vision. Even an amateur photographer can capture her child’s essence and begin to “make photographs” by following basic guidelines, taking countless photographs and putting in years of practice.

The Steps to Awesome Photos

Step 1

Know the camera. Whether you are using an expensive digital camera or a throwaway camera from the grocery store, learn how the camera works. Knowing what kind of equipment you are working with and how to use it will not only save you frustration, but will also decrease the amount of time you spend fussing around with the technology.

Step 2

Introduce your children to the camera. Some children become shy in front of the camera. Get them more comfortable by allowing them to explore the camera. This may get them interested in the process of making photographs and make them more likely to behave in front of the camera.

Step 3

Plan the shot or series. Stunning photographs are organized, balanced and focused. Even the most candid shots can be taken in such a way that they capture a particular mood. Pay attention to the lighting, as well as the balance and composition of the shot.

Step 4

Get the shot. Fine art photography goes beyond documenting an event and provides poignant insights into the human experience. Recognizing and capturing these instances is at the heart of good photography. Being able to recognize the moment from the non-moment takes practice. Fortunately, you know your children best. Bring your camera to games, performances, holidays and graduations and practice to capture the moments as well as the event.


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